I’ve started a campaign. How do I see my ads on the websites? How do I see how much traffic I buy from specific ad?

There’s no easy way to see the ads on our publishers’ websites.
Right now there are two options to inspect them:

1. https://a-ads.com/campaigns/[your campaign ID]/ad_units - here are the ad units that publish your ad, ranked by non-unique clicks per campaign. The most suspicious are on top, so don't choose the top ones to check your ads. Although you can check these sites and probably delete them from your traffic sources if you dislike them.

To get here from your campaign page, go to the tab “Traffic sources”>>“Exclude from campaign”

2. https://a-ads.com/accounts/c[your campaign ID]/transfers - here you can check the ad units that share your daily budget in real time.

How do I see the share of traffic you buy from a certain ad unit?

Every ad unit on the transfer page https://a-ads.com/accounts/c[your campaign ID]/transfers is clickable.

>> click on any ad unit and go to ad unit account page>>
>> click again on the ad unit’s ID and go to ad unit user page>>
>> go to the tab “Campaigns” >>
>> see the share of traffic you buy from this specific ad unit.

Mind, that even if you buy 100% of the traffic, your ad may not be displayed all the time. This happens if the publisher sets his wanted daily income too high, so that it becomes too expensive for the most of advertisers. In this case the ad unit mainly shows affiliate ads and only a small share of ads that pay for impressions. You can reload the page until you see your ad - this is just a matter of statistics and big numbers. But don't renew it too actively - you might be banned by our server as bot.

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