Ad units' requirements and rules

Our advertisers expect to receive quality traffic, that is why we kindly ask our publishers to follow the following guidelines:

Recommendation Motivation
  • Embed your ad unit statically (i.e. in the source code of a web page) so that it is accessible without authorization or any other additional checks via the exact link specified by you upon its creation.
A-ADS bot checks the presence of ad unit on your site. If it fails to find it at the specified address, our algorithms will treat its traffic as suspicious.
  • Make sure your ad units are visible and accessible.
Despite the fact that we don't pay per click,  you are likely to earn much more if your visitors get genuinely interested in the advertised products and services.
  • Don't use fake close buttons or other tricks to generate low quality clicks for our ads.

We are not pay-per-click service. It is better to generate no clicks than to generate fake ones, because our algorithms distribute advertisers' money in favor of higher quality traffic sources.

  • Do not put more than three A-ADS banners per web page.

Excessive banners annoy users and may trigger anti-DOS defense.

A-ADS is designed in such a way that publishers who do not follow these recommendations get little or no earnings. That is why we usually don't ban publishers or delete their ad units, but in exceptional cases may do so.

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