CAPTCHA for advertisement clicks, reasoning and explanation

Our publishers often ask why we employ CAPTCHA for our ads.

Here's what's and why's of our stance:

  • According to our stats, approximately 80% of the CAPTCHAs our ad network shows are solved, despite the flood of attempted fake clicks.
  • CAPTCHA is usually shown only for ad units which have a very low volume of traffic or for ad units which have a high percentage of fake clicks. For honest publishers their ad units have less than 1% probability of asking the user to solve a CAPTCHA.
  • Taking into consideration the above numbers, as for good publishers' websites only 0.2% of their users (including bots) don't make it through to the advertiser's website, however these ad units receive a larger share of our advertising traffic due to a good reputation. On the other hand advertisers get a better traffic which has a higher chance to convert.

As a publisher you may set your CAPTCHA rate to 0% but that might significantly decrease your earnings.

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