"Transaction rejected by our node" or a similar error on blockchain.info

If Blockchain.info shows you the "Transaction rejected by our node" error when you're trying to check the status of your bitcoin transaction, do not be alarmed: most likely your money is indeed safe.

Blockchain.info may prune unconfirmed low priority transactions, but it doesn't mean these transactions won't ever get confirmed.

Luckily Blockchain.info is not the only Bitcoin blockchain explorer, there are many alternatives, e. g.:

You can use any of them to check the status of your transaction by its ID. The Transaction ID can be copied from the error reporting URL:

Low priority (pending/unconfirmed) transactions

It may take longer than usual for low priority transactions to get confirmed (expect hours to days depending on the amount of unconfirmed transactions).

You can try to accelerate them for free with Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator. Just paste the transaction ID, fill the captcha and submit the form:

Keywords: Transaction rejected by our node. Reason: Transaction was previously accepted but has been pruned from our database.

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